Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Keeping you in the Loupe

Starting you off with an amazing pun to represent my recent days. I got my Loupes last week. Whoever decided to put a pair of binoculars on to some stylish frames like these was a genius.

The loupes have made some of my work and a lot of my posture better. I can now work with greater efficiency and accuracy within the clinic here at uni and just in time as well because yesterday (this being the bigger news) I had my very first patient.

For obvious privacy reasons I cannot divulge any information that would allow you to identify my lucky test subject but I can give you a run down of my feelings about the experience.

I was a mixture of excitement, nerves and fears to say the least. It is one thing to cut cavities in a plastic tooth and another to check the periodontal pocket depths of my fellow classmates but to move on to a stranger who is trusting their treatment to myself (with the support of clinical staff and tutors of course) was big step.

My assistant had to stop my just before I collected my patient to give me permission to calm down. I had already read the file and browsed the history and my mind was abuzz with plans, ideas and treatments that needed to be confirmed, disregarded or edited and improved by seeing the patient.

The appointment itself went smoothly. The patient was charming and very… patient. I was able to progress through my steps for the day without meeting any major walls and formulate a plan for appointments to come. I admit when I escorted my patient out of the clinic I was a little disappointed that the experience had gone so quickly but also relieved to have survived what has been weeks/months even in the planning (if you look at all the study and preparation my degree has been providing me with).

The coming weeks of classes, clinic and simulation will determine the kind of dentist I am beginning to become.  These loupes make everything closer and clearer and the foreseeable future looks better than good.

- Nick 

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