Monday, 8 April 2013

Daniela the what?

I think I'll use this post to introduce myself properly. My name is Daniela Ivana Barisic Sprem. You can call me DIBS. I have recently turned 18, currently study full time at Macquarie University and work two jobs. I have a big Croatian family and a dog named Medo (teddy bear). I have a passion for music and play a few instruments; my favourite being the drums. I love animals from rats to lizards to lions and cats. I have a very hard time listing my interests and hobbies because there are so many.

I also ride dirt bikes and want to get my road bike license when I get enough money. I love the film/TV/entertainment industry and did drama in high school and outside of school. I love playing soccer and riding my push bike for hours on end.
The giant list of interests up there is why I am having a hard time at uni and thinking of where I am going in life. It was hard enough finding a uni course to settle on, and even though I am doing a double degree, I still want to try more courses. So I have made it through 5 weeks of university and I am not liking it as much as people said I would. I don't know if I am just doing the wrong course or if further education isn't my thing. I dropped a math unit already because I don't like the idea of paying for something I don't want to do. I am also terrible at it. 

I love working because i get paid for work AND I learn new skills at the same time.
As we all do, I have my dream jobs and my realistic dream jobs. I thought I wanted to be a HR manager but now I think I want to work with animals. Whether it be training guide/assistance dogs or working at the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League. 
If I could have the job I wanted most, no matter how crazy, 

I would be a talk show host.
I would love to be the Australian Ellen or the new Rove McManus. That could be me interviewing PINK! 

I love talking, making people feel better and sharing knowledge. 
Other occupational phases I've gone through are DJ, motivational speaker, comedian, club owner, police officer, camp counsellor, music therapist, teacher, uni lecturer, psychologist, musician and the list goes on. 
They say my generation is likely to go through 21 different jobs and 7 career path changes before settling on one. I am aware that many people have the same problem as me and some people like constantly changing things up... I guess I am just in a hurry to find what I am good at and to start making money. 

For now I am Daniela the student. Daniela the Pinnacle Scholar. Daniela the sister, daughter, cousin, friend and loved one - which makes me one lucky kid.

By Daniela Ivana Barisic Sprem

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