Friday, 31 May 2013

Busy and Proud

So let me give you a quick run down of what I have been up to over the last couple of months:

·     *   Working 3 jobs: Admin, Winery and Bistro
·     *   Clocking up 14 hours of simulated clinic and 2 hours of clinic per weeks
·     *   On top of the countless hours of lectures
·     *   Rehearsals every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday for The Wizard of OZ
·     *   Set-building every Tuesday and Saturday
·     *   Organizing Spectrum (Gay/Straight alliance) club fundraising and social events
      But now I have time to breathe.

After a fantastic two weeks of Wizard of Oz performances (3 shows with a few seats empty and 4 full house) I can look back on my packed schedule and feel proud. I admit I still have a lot to achieve with exams coming up in a few weeks and the lead up to the Spectrum cellar door social in a few days, but time has drifted back into excess and I have no fears that I can handle what is to come. I personally find I get more done with more to do; I value time more the less I have to waste.

This year has been a process of things getting easier. As I reach and I complete more of my goals I have more time and effort to spend on those goals still remaining. I have gained skills, experiences and friendships that have made me a happier, more self-confident and more reliable person.

I am currently, in terms of my course, practicing my cavity preparations, studying materials and running through patient scenarios, getting ready for starting on patients next semester. The further I go with the course the more responsibility I am entrusted but I am sure I can handle whatever is thrown my way. I have the drive, the brains and now more than ever the support I need to not only go far in this course or my university experience, but most importantly in life.

By Nick Tarpey

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